WV water crisis made tougher with Autism.

The chemical leak that has caused the water crisis has been hard on many people. But imagine trying to live with it when you have Autism. The anxiety is torture. I have been having so many meltdowns and worrying about just surviving. Knowing that this crisis could go on for weeks, It makes my depression worse. Seeing what my fellow West Virginians are going through. Reading their stories. Sometimes it just seems hopeless. Lost wages of employees who work in local businesses. The fact that I don’t drive. And am unable to reach places that are not under the ban. Really have not made it easy.  Hoping I’ll be able to avoid panic attacks. Worried about my dear kitty who is my best friend. Right now I have two cases of water. And a whole lot of anxiety. Meltdowns. And loneliness. Why have the state industries screwed things up like this? The whole mess could have been avoided. Be with us Jesus!