Update. Plan in motion.

Tomarrow, Monday, “Michael” it taking me to the hotel. I’ll be there alone. With no phone. and no special interest. Have read better reviews of the hotel.  Will be bored out of my mind!! All the stuff I want to keep goes in a plastic tub. Wich defeats the purpose since I need help with it. Will feel like a traitor dropping Shania off at the vet’s to be boarded.for a week! I want her to be healthy and well looked after but what will she think Well, at lest it will be cooler. Not looking forward to tomarrow. Allegedly, “Michael” will have some people to clean and throw out anything not in the plastic tub. Accept for my tv and my mom’s tables. computer. Hopefully.  If “Michael” doesn’t mess things up. I don’t want to go!!  At least the hotel won’t be so hot!! Somebody in my family was so hostile when I told them about it. I wish my family cared about me. Will report about this adventure when I get back next Monday. Listening to Scott Elrod’s sexy voice again. Will miss watching him. Will miss Shania so much!! Until next Monday folks.

Phyisically assisited but emotional pain bandoned.

I feel emotionally abandoned, “Michael” is moving me to a hotel while he comes to my apartment and throw everything out. No consideration is being shown to the fact that my mom’s tables-the only things I have left of her-are not being preserved. They are showing no consideration for my feelings what so ever. It’s like they are saying, we’re going to take you to this hotel. You have to but your beloved kitty who I desperately need for emotional support-to a vet for boarding. Leave the window of my apartment open in a very bad drug infested neighborhood. Buy new furniture since mine will be discarded.  Isolate me in the hotel. Without access to my “support system” if you can call it that. Go without my special interest. The problems here have stemmed from my caseworker not doing his  job.  I am in a very bad depression. They told me they will replace my broken microwave and we are arranging for someone at another agency to come in a teach me life skills. Bought me a new outfit.Yet I feel emotionally betrayed and abandoned.  There seems to be no thought to my depression and fears. I’m not sure really how to explain it. “Therapy” would be a prescripted thing designed for those with other disorders. No real input or interaction about what I’m feeling or am going through. One on one therapy would only take place every one or two months. Hello? All I have is a hotline number. They don’t care about how ,my Autism is doing. Emotionally I feel like I have been to the Judge Rotenberg center. granted, they are planning to help me move. But it’s like an emotionally sterile reaction on there part. My family is not there for me. it will be nice to come home to a clean air conditioned place. But my emotions are taking such a blow that I wonder if I’ll survive it. Those tables are precious to me.  This pain feels like a physical assault. Can’t take much more. Tomarrow is supposedly D-day. That hotel sounds like torture.  Although much nicer than here. Don’t know what to do. Granted they are going to pay for it. Hotel because other place didn’t work out. Might call hotline. What if I say I don’t want to go to hotel and board my kitty? I almost dread the answer. All this stuff was planned without input from me. Oh well. I’m a tough girl. There is a large plastic tub to put things in. That stuff  I keep. the tables don’t fit inside.  Feel like I am betraying my cat by boarding her. what will she think?. Don’t want to go “Michael” But will see what happens.

Autism Safety for First Responders & Parents

Autism Safety for First Responders & Parents

A segment from the film “Making Our Way: Autism” about the importance of autism safety. Autism training and resources for law enforcement, parents, first responders and teachers.

#EducateSesame! flashblog.

The people at Sesame Street Workshop have made a terrible mistake by partnering with Autism Speaks. Although we assume their intentions are positive, their association with Autism Speaks is downright dangerous for Autistic children, Autistic adults, those that love them, and all people wanting to learn about autism. Sesame Street Workshop educates children around the globe. If the information they use about autism comes from Autism Speaks, it could create detrimental repercussions for generations to come.

Because Sesame Street has not done it’s due diligence in learning about autism and Autistic culture before entering this partnership with an organization which is currently under protest by the very people it claims to serve, we must take action to #EducateSesame ourselves.

Please email your contribution to educatesesame@gmail.com by June 29th 2014.  Quoted from the link.


PETA’s Reprehensible ‘Got Autism’ Campaign.

PETA’s Reprehensible ‘Got Autism’ Campaign.

PETA has come out with a reprehensible and offensive anti-milk campaign designed to prey on vulnerable parents of autistic children. The obnoxious “Got Autism?” billboards are meant to be a play on the popular “Got Milk?” campaign, and it is specifically designed to promote dubious links between dairy consumption and autism. Quoted from the link.

My comment. While I appreciate Peta’s speaking up about animal cruelty in fur farms, puppy mills and catteries, and the circus, What the organization is doing to people in the Autism community is going too far! This fearmongering is unacceptable. Someone needs to start a petition. It is bad enough that Peta has killed and continues to kill thousands of pets every year. They know nothing about Autism and have no business trying to frighten parents and spread fear and stigma that is already so prevalent in our society. I wonder if this is connected to Autism speaks?

Autism beyond the blue light.

Autism embracing the amazing.

I have an idea for an Autism education program. Not a flashblog book or video. Made strictly by people on the spectrum. Have a room where people sit down watch and listen. Have somebody talk, a film maybe. So many times I have heard that we don’t know what Autism moms go through. What about a speaker who’s child was one of those who was killed?  A sensory simulation with very bright lights, hot or cold temperatures and an unpleasant smell? If NT’s began to cover their ears or hold their nose, do “Quiet hands” and hold their hands in their laps? Call it Autism beyond the blue light and hold it during April? When people light it up blue. Tell them the truth!! So many Spectrumites speak up on Twitter blogs and Facebook only. Saying how bad things are and that nobody pays attention. Go to where the NT’s are!! Tell them abut Autism speaks. About the center where children are tortured. Tell them about the killing. About the discrimination in housing employment and parks. Tell them about the bullying. Many people are ignorant. But I can’t do this alone. And don’t know anyone on the spectrum here. Would like as many people with Autism involved as possible. Even nationally. This picture is from Twitter.