Missing everybody.

Don’t have my computer now. Will try to post soon.


3 thoughts on “Missing everybody.

  1. I wandered to your blog via another one about “Sherlock” and am sad to that things are going so badly for you! My nephew, age 25, was diagnosed with Aspergers in high school and so I have a rough idea of how you feel. He isn’t as isolated as he used to be and has a few friends, including my son who is his age.

    He is brilliant and funny and I enjoy talking to him about the things he likes: science, computers, video games, for example. Most of our family ignores him, though. Luckily, our state and surrounding community has many good support agencies for people with difficulties of various kinds.

    If you would like any ideas, I’d be glad to ask him where he goes for help and pass them on to you. I hope you sort things out soon and get a caseworker who is much more effective and compassionate!

  2. I was thinking the same ad JD. You commented on my blog a few months back and I didn’t reply. Shame on me. 🙂 But I was reviewing your blog entries today and see you have been through a lot of upheaval. I hope all is well and I will pray for you too. I have an small ‘netbook’ (smaller than a notebook) that I don’t really use much. It is fine for emails and posting new blog entries. Let me know if you need a computer to stay touch with people. My name is Daniel.

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