Update. Plan in motion.

Tomarrow, Monday, “Michael” it taking me to the hotel. I’ll be there alone. With no phone. and no special interest. Have read better reviews of the hotel.  Will be bored out of my mind!! All the stuff I want to keep goes in a plastic tub. Wich defeats the purpose since I need help with it. Will feel like a traitor dropping Shania off at the vet’s to be boarded.for a week! I want her to be healthy and well looked after but what will she think Well, at lest it will be cooler. Not looking forward to tomarrow. Allegedly, “Michael” will have some people to clean and throw out anything not in the plastic tub. Accept for my tv and my mom’s tables. computer. Hopefully.  If “Michael” doesn’t mess things up. I don’t want to go!!  At least the hotel won’t be so hot!! Somebody in my family was so hostile when I told them about it. I wish my family cared about me. Will report about this adventure when I get back next Monday. Listening to Scott Elrod’s sexy voice again. Will miss watching him. Will miss Shania so much!! Until next Monday folks.

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