Update. Living cercumstances.

In previous posts, I’ve spoken about my living conditions here. Well, things have not improved. I can barely afford food. can’t afford soap, socks, or anything that makes the most basic things. Am so tired of being hungry. My “advocate” does nothing. My case manager is lazy and ignores me. The ones who are supposed to help me, have everything centered on the case worker. the “advocate”, and anyone else who is supposed to provide assistance point to him and say tell “Michael” to do it. (Not his real name) It getting to the point that It’s difficult to even function. This “apartment” is unlivable.  The neighborhood completely unsafe. My request to attend for group therapy was rejected. Transportation would have been provided. And lunch. Was offered private therapy, but can’t afford the bus fare. It’s as if nobody wants to be bothered. Feel like I’ve been set up. Sucker punched. Everyone keeps telling me to wait. Well, how long can I wait? What would you folks do? Where do you get your emotional strenghth?