Aspie hypocrasy. (Somewhat upsetting content.)

I’ve noticed something going on in the lives of Spectrumites lately. Hypocrasy. Suddenly it is considered so trendy to be Autistic! That is, unless you actually are! Then you are definately resented. Very much. There are so many people speaking up to prevent the killing of babies in the womb. Something I completely support! But, at the same time, those same people say nothing about the many autistc syndrome (AS) children being put to death by their mothers and so-called “caretakers.” If a newborn is killed in a hospital by the parents those same “pro-lifers” are silent. Children with Downs syndrome (DS) are becoming rare. Not because a cure has been found, but because they are being killed in the womb! Where are the pro-lifers on this one? I’m so sick of it!!! The hypocrasy! You can’t call yourself pro-life and support that kind of cold blooded suffing out of a human beings life. The complete disregard for patients, being shown in hospitals. Hundreds of thousands-myself included-have spoken up for a Christian pastor who is imprisoned in Iran. Speaking upfor his rights. But what about the rights of these people here in America!? There is an attempt to identify Autism in the womb, to eriradicate those kids just lke the Down syndrome ones. They have no problem with (DS). It comes down to one little word. Cure. In the movie Amistad the abolitioist says, he has seen people who hated nothing worse than slavery-save for the slave himself. If slavery-or Autism-is stopped, the group focused on could no longer be exploited. Today no more books t-shirts videos or jewery would be sold. Things paid for with blood money. Yes speak up for the rights of people being exloited. All people! When asked about the Nazi death camps, Htler spoke about how much the souls who he put in those camps had suffered. About the poor state of their lives prior to the holocust. That is the same argument you hear today. About those with AS and DS. it’s like ethnic cleansing! People on the spectrum and with Downs, or in hospitals are no less human than anyone else! The same God created them. Speak up for all those in danger. Be completely pro-life. Notice the hypocrasy. Speak out for all those who need us. Be completely pro-life.