Update. Need advice.

Well, “Michael” was supposed to come and help me. The manager got a new air conditioner  to replace the one that doesn’t work in my apartment.. But I need somebody’s help before they can put it in.  “Michael” Lied again of course!! It’s about one hundred and five degrees F in here again and he knows it. He is a  narcissist and a pathological liar. I’m beginning to wonder if the place he works at, isn’t hiring clients now. He clearly has a mental illness of some kind. Everyone else I go to says “let Michael do it” and walks away. Even after I tell them what he is like. I can’t take much more. of this. I  need some advice. I don’t want to give up my cat who is my best friend!!



 I live in the worst state for someone who has  a disability Especially Autism. There is some sort of Autism vacuum here. I do not know another person offline who is Autistic.  No therapy. Stigma is amazing and painful. And the atmosphere here is definitely not one of treatment. People are very intolerant of those who are different here. And I feel so isolated.  Even the ones who are supposed to “help” me make things much worse and disappear. They do nothing to help. It feels like there is hostility to a degree from everyone here. I have no friends besides my dear cat. The wood that the house my apartment is in, the wood is rotten.  Am afraid  here as it is unsafe. There are a lot of drugs here. it gets very hot in here again and the manager does nothing. Adult protective services came by. premised to help and took me to apply for another apartment. but that was last week. I have the feeling they will forget about me. Just like all the ones just like them who came before. They will probably tell me-just like the others-that “Michael” the caseworker-will do it!! He does nothing to help me. No matter how I describe things here. he just goes on about throwing everything out. And leaving me sleeping on an air mattress. With all the bugs. Michael make no effort to help me find a place to move. Or cool things off in here. The woman from APS said throwing everything out won’t stop the roaches. I feel so abandoned. So alone and isolated. Can’t take much more. The situation here is much worse than I’m describing. Asked for therapy but was rejected. my depression continues to increase. The thought of facing another week of this…any advice? many promises made by ASP. Just like all the others.

The Judge Rottenburg center is a cult.

The Judge Rottenburg center is a cult.

The Judge Rottenberg center is a place in Mass. where Clients” are regularly tortured, schocked, starved n an unbearable setting. Parents, often unaware of their loved one’s condition, are not permitted to visit. Judges are not informed as to the reality that they are subjecting people to. Very often victims are shocked for so much as tensing up in anticipation of being chocked. Six people have died at the center. “clients” sometimes languish there for years. Here is a quote from a girl who survived that house of horrors. “Somehow it’s ok to hurt those who are a little more different. Somehow it’s ok to hurt those who are a little less normal
Hurt them in the name of treatment,
because their cries don’t count the same
And if one can’t speak to express it, they must not hurt, so they say”

Their college papers,
license to decide my fate
“Their eyes as they watched me tense with the jolt, cold and still, studying my pain
notes on a paper, just another day
We have plans for you, and there’s no way out

Welcome to the cult of pain.” Quoted from the link.