Asperger’s Syndrome and the need for Social Justice – Could Autism be benefiting our society?


One thought on “Asperger’s Syndrome and the need for Social Justice – Could Autism be benefiting our society?

  1. What many autistics and aspie’s have going for them is the ability to analyse things that other people don’t notice. My NT brother has said many times that I am good at identifying ‘the gap in the market’ (not so much in business but in regard to support services) though I think the reason for this is that for all the common problems the counseling and life-coaching communities are used to i.e. alcoholics, drug addicts, divorce and relationship breakdown, I have never had to face. But the biggest problem I had (not being able to make friends, build a social life or get the social validation I wanted) was something that no services were addressing. I had to fight it all for myself!

    Another thing I notice about NT’s is that the more politically minded get into certain causes or fads because it’s trendy to believe something, rather than because they personally identify a major injustice they want to put right. As a politically minded aspie, I believe I have benefited society by being willing to speak out for or against certain things, without any concern for what others think, and purely because I believed there was something to fight for (and in a some cases time has proven me to be right!)

    In short autistics and aspie’s have great analytical brains, great at identifying problems no one else notices, are not afraid to speak out, and are willing to take action regardless of what others think. The only missing piece is having the social communication skills to convey their thoughts and opinions and convince others of their cause. This is easily rectifiable, with the right information and support.

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