Scott James – Through My Eyes (Live @ Autism’s Got Talent 2012.)

Check out my new album, ‘Spectrum’, an album raising funds for The Heroes Project, an organization that provides opportunities for people with learning disabilities. Check it out at:

‘Through My Eyes’ live at Autism’s Got Talent 2012, an event at the Mermaid Theatre which showcases the talents of autistic people from across the country. AGT was specifically designed to be a show environment safe and open for autistic people and is the first known event of it’s kind. Sorry for the sound issues, the track was louder than I was!

DVD’s of the event, featuring Britain’s Got Talent’s James Hobley, Autistic Superstars’ Carly Ryan and Martin Finn, and a host of talented children and young adults are available at:…

For more information on Autism’s Got Talent, to book tickets for next years AGT, or if you’re on the spectrum and have a talent you’d perhaps like to show to the world visit:… – Cheers! Quoted from the link.



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