Normal to stare at someone’s eyeballs?

I really don’t see why it’s considered normal to stare at someone’s eyeballs.

                                                                                       John Elder Robison


One thought on “Normal to stare at someone’s eyeballs?

  1. i think its supposed to be because:

    1. its odd or awkward to just look at anything else, because others will think you dont care
    2. a “bonding thing”
    3. an “emotional thing”

    but if awkward situations make it hard for ANYONE to look eachother in the eye, why is it normal at other times? what about when youre in class? obviously the teacher cant look into everyone’s eyes, and then when he does look into 1 persons eyes, its awkward because everyone thinks the teachers talking right to that person when hes really talking to everyone.

    “Normal people behavior” is weird.

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