PETA’s Reprehensible ‘Got Autism’ Campaign.

PETA’s Reprehensible ‘Got Autism’ Campaign.

PETA has come out with a reprehensible and offensive anti-milk campaign designed to prey on vulnerable parents of autistic children. The obnoxious “Got Autism?” billboards are meant to be a play on the popular “Got Milk?” campaign, and it is specifically designed to promote dubious links between dairy consumption and autism. Quoted from the link.

My comment. While I appreciate Peta’s speaking up about animal cruelty in fur farms, puppy mills and catteries, and the circus, What the organization is doing to people in the Autism community is going too far! This fearmongering is unacceptable. Someone needs to start a petition. It is bad enough that Peta has killed and continues to kill thousands of pets every year. They know nothing about Autism and have no business trying to frighten parents and spread fear and stigma that is already so prevalent in our society. I wonder if this is connected to Autism speaks?


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