Can someone explain something?

Can someone explain please? I was called retarded today while walking home. Nobody would do a thing. Yet, if I say anything about the one who said it, I’m seen as scum.  Why is it people close their eyes when one group victimizes another, and yet make the one who is hurt as the enemy?  The cops do not enforce the law here or anywhere I’ve lived on my own. This is a bad drug stuffed neighborhood. Everyone seems to side with the troublemakers dopers and police. I don’t have money to move. I’m stuck here. The laws regarding disabled people are ignored. The police are corrupt. Yet folks get ticked off at me if I complain. It’s like they are thinking, “if you don’t like it move.” How many times can I move? If I want my “advocate” or case manager to  do their job same thing. When did Autism become a crime?  My faith in God is being shattered. If your disabled here your low income. It means bad neighborhood. Drugs and crime. If I want my “advocate” or case manager to do their job I’m condemned for it. Tired of the danger by those around me who everyone sides with.  Can’t take the emotional toll here much longer. Am so tired of the hate I feel where I live.  By the way, I have been tested. And am not retarded.


2 thoughts on “Can someone explain something?

  1. Dear Sister, I’m so sorry you have been treated so poorly by others. Many times the people who do these things have so many of their own issues, that it makes them feel better to put others down. I know it’s not easy, but try not to let the ‘world’ bring you down. You are a daughter of the Almighty Father who considers you, His princess. And at the end of the chaos, that’s all that will really matter. Know that you are in my prayers. May God surround you with His comforting love.

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