JRC FDA petition April 2014 by Greg Miller.

JRC FDA petition April 2014 by Greg Miller.

Published on Apr 13, 2014

In 2013, the United Nations in “Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Juan E. Méndez,” took a definite position to define the methods used at the JRC as “torture” that violated the UN Convention against Torture:

“Therefore and in the absence of evidence to the contrary, the Special Rapporteur determines that the rights of the students of the JRC subjected to Level III Aversive Interventions by means of electric shock and physical means of restraints have been violated under the UN Convention against Torture and other international standards… Furthermore, New York authorities expect that by June of 2014, all (New York) residents at JRC, including those who remain subject to court-approved aversive interventions, will be offered placements in New York State where such interventions are not authorized.”

In 2011, Dr. Matthew Israel, the founder and the Executive Director of the JRC, was indicted by a grand jury for the obstruction of justice by destroying evidence related to the use of his GED-shock devices, which had caused severe injuries to students. The plea agreement reached with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts resulted in his resignation (he now resides in California), and five years’ probation. According to current regulations, JRC staff are still allowed to use electric shock on a large number of students who were approved by a judge for GED shocks prior to 2011.

Judge Rotenberg Center video compilation by Greg Miller, former JRC staffer. Quoted from the link. The petition link: https://www.change.org/petitions/ban-torturous-shock-devices-used-on-special-needs-people?utm_source=action_alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=55487&alert_id=FbMuhzYVIh_aBJaXPHiyI


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