“Caretaker” is useless.

I feel like my lungs are being squeezed shut. The heat is so bad when it shuts on, that I’m afraid to go out for very long. The things against the heater might catch fire. The heater is broken. It’s so cramped here there is no place to put anything. Calling the manager is pointless. My depression is getting worse. The so-called “caretaker” is worse than useless. He does nothing. Won’t help pick up the phone or even come over here. Just keeps repeating the same thing on the phone. He is supposed to be helping me find another place to live. He moved me in here. I can’t even afford the taxi to take my cat Shania to the vet. Forget about buying enough food. (For me. Shania is always fed.) Without my kitty I would probably give up. Don’t know what to do. Mr. Useless keeps wanting me to do what he knows I can’t do. I feel like I’ve been abandoned by everybody to die here. See link for previous post about this. Wish I could get a job.



One thought on ““Caretaker” is useless.

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