I will not “Light it up blue”

I will not “Light it up blue”

It must be nearly April, because my news feed is littered with calls for people to “Light it up blue for Autism Awareness”. 

 To be honest, it makes me cringe. 

There is heaps of “Autism Awareness” going around. It’s what causes students at my kids school to “joke” and “tease” by saying things like…. ‘don’t do that, it makes you look Autistic’. Quoted from the link.

One thought on “I will not “Light it up blue”

  1. Hello! I am a parent to a ten year old wonderful son who is Autistic. I am just now (today) learning the truth about Autism Speaks. Needless to say, I am shocked. I had posted a link regarding Autism Speaks and how they help children receive therapy and I remember you commenting on it. I now know why you made that comment. I am glad you did. You didn’t say anything negative though. None of us know unless we are informed. I am glad I know now. Thank you!

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