Don’t exterminate us!

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I started this piece a few days ago in some pubs in the Holborn  area. It is the first time I’ve ventured into central London in almost a year, a very tough year. Originally it was entitled “Die psychiatry die” but as I wrote it I strayed off topic into something I consider much more important.

This piece is written in a creative style which may not be appropriate for this blog. Let me know because I’m going to do another blog but a character one called Digitus Impudicus and these sort of emotionally-driven pieces are what I hope to write there.

Die psychiatry die

My kind have been oppressed across the generations, removed from society and stands at the cusp of liberation or extinction. Our risk of extinction is all thanks to psychiatry and so on behalf of my kind let me explain why you must die…

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One thought on “Don’t exterminate us!

  1. Thanks for reblogging. It’s my first one.

    I’m developing something which takes the core of the passion in this piece and, I hope, becomes something which might achieve an important end. Watch this space! 😀

    Take care

    Arj (aka We)

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