Autistic Adults- Why you dont need to be Normal

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This is based on my experience with Normal adults or what I’ve seen on news/in articles on Normal adults. It is obviously not true of EVERY Normal person.



Normal adults:

No or little imagination.

They watch boring tv shows OR the same 2 or 3 tv shows every day.

They get boring jobs.

They take boring classes because the want those boring jobs.

They wear boring clothes.

They take little interest in fun information.

They yell a lot at each other and mostly at their kids.

They beat each other up, again, mostly kids or disabled people or the elderly.

They get drunk and/or do drugs and/or pimp themselves out to mask their sadness and/or insecurities, often accidentally killing themselves and/or others by overdose or drunken driving.  

Their marriages dont last as long as an autistic couples. (We are 70% less likely to marry, but 75% less…

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