What Works : Andover autistic boy gets global birthday wishes

Jeannette Bolden - Ole Miss Journalism 271

Recently, I have been finding many what works articles via, Twitter, which is where I again found this one.  The headline really grabbed me.  Being from Massachusetts, I liked to still keep up with local events.  Andover is a city down the road from me, so seeing it in a global perspective definitely interested me.  The headline made it seem like it would be a feel good story, and I really wanted to read it and see what it was all about.

There are a couple factors that make this story newsworthy.  For myself, proximity was one, as I live so close to the town and it is near where I grew up.  For being in a Boston newspaper, this story absolutely had proximity.  It also has impact for a great number of people.  There are many families that have children with disabilities.  For these people, this story definitely…

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