Nobody Puts my Baby in a Corner

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

I was on my way to Tesco the other day with Sam, when somebody stopped me, and reminded me of how cross I used to be, pretty much all the time.  Sam likes to make me walk on the other side of the road to him (I don’t think he’s embarrassed by me – yet – after all, I don’t ‘cooee’ or anything , he just likes to stretch the apron strings a little bit at a time), and the sight of a medium-sized child with Down Syndrome out on his own in the late afternoon/early evening caused a passer-by to do a double take.

I always notice when someone stares at my son.  When he was little he was so utterly gorgeous (fluffy red hair, long eyelashes, flirty eye contact and captivating grin) that I accepted people’s admiring glances as nothing more than his, and my right, but as…

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