No real Aspie would tweet something like this!!

No real Aspie would tweet something like this!!

This was posted on Twitter. I care about suicide!!


One thought on “No real Aspie would tweet something like this!!

  1. hullow. I feel confident in assuming that the above comment was made by someone who cares very much about suicides, but have vented their frustration with the seeming lack of care by others, in a blast of sarcasm.

    it is possible to have Asperger’s syndrome and be capable of sarcasm. ( I am one of those who is both.) I do have problems sorting out when someone else is being sarcastic, particularly with the spoken word, when something has to be decoded very quickly… I tend to take a long time to decode. it has become faster. like minutes now, but some things used to take decades… like understanding insults.

    I used to think that people were not deliberately insulting me or even teasing me, but that it was their genuine opinion that I was physically made wrong. ( I had breasts while my cousins didn’t.) I thought that that was their true opinion. I didn’t know until I was 38 that Asperger’s existed nor that I was one. its been 10 years now, of learning to decode, and learning the necessity for it. it is still really frustrating for me that NT’s don’t answer my questions because they assume that I am speaking rhetorically… I am NOT! I am asking genuine questions… sigh…. but yes, I read the above comment as sarcasm that can come from a genuine Aspie. remember that we do not all have all of the traits of Asperger’s and not all to the same degree.

    when I am stressed, I get much more literal with my understanding of what people are saying, and with what I am saying.

    thank you, by the way, for your visually gentle blog site, and the lovely sense of caring in it. I appreciate it.

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