Freedom to Be…

As the proceedings began, I went over to our pastor, Tiger, and let him know it might all be a bit much for Wil – all the people, the commotion, the loud music, the dual powerpoint… “I am sure he’ll babble and need to move around a bit,” I told him. He smiled a huge and genuine smile and told me it was more than fine, to let him do whatever he needed and enjoy the service. It would just add to it. Quoted from the link.

Still Swim

When I was a kid, Free to Be… You and Me was one of those ‘special’ TV specials… It was all about a mythical land where children are free to be exactly who they are, the way God created them – unique and different and singular and spectacular. “Every boy grows to be his own man, every girl loves to be her own woman.” That was in 1974 (explains a lot, I know) but I think we are still searching for that place.


Decades later and the world is still, all too often, judgmental with expectations of ‘normalcy’ defined by some criteria created by some important but undisclosed “they.” We see it everywhere. But for me it is hardest to stomach in the church. So many of our houses of worship heap so many expectations on those in attendance… We expect them to wear the right thing, talk a certain…

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