Police Go Above The Call Of Duty To Help Boy With Autism Celebrate His Birthday

CBS Boston

NORTH ANDOVER (CBS) — Even though he’s turning 12, Saturday, Logan Pearson celebrated for the first time with a big birthday bash.

“In the past we’d like take him out to ice cream or something,” said Logan’s sister Cloey. “But now it’s like the big day for him.”

Logan is severely autistic and he can’t speak. Logan’s family says throwing a traditional party was never really possible

“As far as his birthdays in the past, they’ve always been a sad quiet day,” said Logan’s mom, Catherine, who decided to do something different for Logan’s 12th birthday.

She turned to Facebook, asking for birthday cards and wishes. The post went viral and Logan wound up with thousands of messages, buckets of cards and a big fan at the Cambridge Police Department

“(The post) was brought to my attention by my better half, my girlfriend,” said Cambridge police officer Steven Bikofsky. “When…

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