School of Shock.

School of Shock.

Jennifer Gonnerman wrote this exposé on torture at the “school of shock.” “Judge Rotenberg Educational Center, located in Canton, Massachusetts, 20 miles outside Boston.” Quoted from the link. Imagine if that were done to inmates in prisons? There would be riots nationwide. And yet a woman carries around a pack to shock her severely handicapped child? Does this country put more value on a murderer than someone who is severely disabled child? Or is it because the criminal whose serving time-poor soul-for killing somebody, is putting money is somebody’s pocket. And the disabled child is not? So the child is tortured-punished-for being a financial drain? Is that where America’s values are? Maybe we need many more places like Judge Rotenberg Educational Center to “punish” the “real” “offenders? Most of the center’s victims are nonverbal and cannot tell others what’s being done to them. Why isn’t there a law?


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