Leaps and Bounds

Then We Were New

Silas has been doing some absolutely amazing things lately. Once he got over being sick things have changed dramatically. Not sure what has caused the change but he has done a 180 from where he was a week ago. He has been eating loads of food, sleeping all night long, talking up a storm, and just excelling at everything. I’m loving every minute of it.

During the past few therapy sessions he has done fantastic work.

  • Identifies mommy, daddy, and mawmaw (Julia) both receptively and expressively (We still have a lot more people to go but it’s great that he knows these already)
  • Identifies apple, bed, bike, crayons, and dog both receptively and expressively(With the sayings from the therapists)
  • Stacks wood blocks 15 high (He wasn’t doing that at all then out of nowhere he was building towers)
  • Playing with megablocks (He wasn’t doing that at all and is now…

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