Autism Isolation. Hard to Bear.

Autism Isolation. Hard to Bear.

How are you Autistic adults coping with solitude loneliness and isolation? I feel so alone! This place I was moved into is horrible. I feel very very depressed. Despised. Resented. My payee doesn’t give me enough for food. And yet told someone there was a hundred dollars in my account. It seems those around me enjoy the way I’m suffering. Adults on the spectrum are rejected and pushed aside. All the focus is on kids. I feel like I have been pushed aside because I’m too old. It hurts and leads to meltdowns and depression. I can’t take this place. Feel so very by myself. That is accept for my dear kitty. Bless her. Am having trouble dealing with the stuff in my life. Don’t mean my cat of course! Rejected by those around me. There seems no hope. Too overwhelming. How would you other people with Autism handle this? Picture from the internet. This link. describes how I feel.


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