The Truth Behind Autism Speaks

Aspie Catholic

autism-speaks-doesnt-speak-for-me Many of you have probably heard of Autism Speaks, an organization that wants you to think they wish to help autistic people or families with autistic children.  That is far from the truth.

Last year, Suzanne Wright called out a summit in Washington, DC.  She said families of autistic people “are not living.” She portrayed them as living in fear of their children.

I would’ve provided a video of their propaganda, but of course, they got it removed from Youtube after word got out about the video’s true intentions.

What Autism Speaks really wants is a cure for autism. Here’s what fellow autistic blogger Tom Plastow has to say about that:

Autism is not a disease, it’s not a sickness, and the vast majority of autistic people do not want to be “cured.” Autism is a huge part of us, and removing it would radically change us as human…

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