Stop Underestimating the Autistic


I don’t normally make a big deal out of it, but my second oldest boy is autistic.  He is a blessing and a joy to me, my wife and all of his brothers and sisters.  Having said that, he is a scapegoat.  He is an easy mark.  If he is accused of wrongdoing in the wrong way, then his response is always the same, “NO I DIDN’T”.  For my wife and I, we know that this means that he was accused in a non-productive fashion.  Outsiders, even extended family think this means he is a liar.  His siblings have in days now past used this to make him look guilty even when innocent.  We have been able to stop this approach with the occasional exception of the 10yr old twins.

One might assume this would put an end to it, but his cousins still do it, and his aunts and…

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