Something in the Way We Move

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Something in the Way We Move
By Paige Mead of and

I tried to take piano lessons, once.

I quickly found out

that my hands – jerky, erratic –

are not graceful like the stereotype.

They don’t move in the way

I was taught they should.

I know they’re all right, anyway.

Without my hands

I could not speak half my words

Without my hands

I would appear completely deadpan

and unexcited about anything.

Things slip through my fingers

on a regular basis.

Not a child anymore, I still struggle

to open things that aren’t even designed

to be child-proof.

I call them Paige-proof.

They’re still likable.

I appreciate their work

in flapping to express my excitement

and I appreciate their work

in calming me down

more so than a lot of other things.

One day, it will be taught to children

that something in the way we move

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