The Curious Case of Lying

Planet Autism Blog

Lying emoticonLying is a strange concept to many people on the spectrum.  Because we tend to see things logically and have deficits in communication, we can’t understand why people lie… at least that’s how it is with myself.  If no-one lied, society would be a level playing field.  As it is, for someone with ASC, because we often don’t lie (and those that do often lie badly so people know they are lying) we don’t use those tactics neurotypicals use to achieve things.  Aspies are often bluntly honest, it doesn’t get you anywhere and can get you into trouble or make you unpopular.

Going for job interviews, even if you didn’t have to consider the chatting element, an Aspie struggles to sell themselves.  I was horrified when someone told me that most people lie on their CV’s for instance.  It would never occur to me to do that, and I would…

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