The Humanity of Autism. Febuary 7.

The Humanity of Autism. Febuary 7.

 It means practicing inclusion in all areas of society and making sure that people are treated as equals at all times. We must always remember that autism affects the human brain – but it has no effect on a person’s humanity. Neurological function plays no part in determining the worth of an individual or the value of a life…Certainly there are situations where people with autism are vulnerable and dependent on others for their care and welfare. In such cases our compassion must be proactive. Every effort must be made to allow them to have a life that provides stimulation and activity. We must help them remain engaged in every way that is safe for them. They cannot be pushed aside and forgotten because they do not wish to have contact with those around them. We cannot neglect them simply because they are reluctant to verbally interact with others. They can’t be marginalized because they are uncomfortable in social settings. It is important for us and them that we embrace their humanity because although a person with autism may wish to avoid physical touch they can still touch your heart. quoted from the link.


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