Disclosure and Privacy


Some thoughts on disclosure and privacy…

On Monday, January 27th, Senator Charles Schumer formally introduced legislation that will allow law enforcement officials to track children with autism using GPS devices. The voluntary program is based on an existing program for people with Alzheimers, known as “Missing Alzheimer’s Disease Patient Alert Program”. According to this bill’s sponsor,  Rep. Maxine Waters,

“Sixty percent of Alzheimer’s patients are likely to wander from their homes.  Wanderers are vulnerable to dehydration, weather conditions, traffic hazards, and individuals who prey on those who are defenseless. Up to 50 percent of wandering Alzheimer’s patients will become seriously injured or die if they are not found within 24 hours of their departure from home.”

Similar statistics have been cited for the population of children diagnosed with autism. According to a study published in Pediatrics, 49% of those families surveyed had children diagnosed with autism that had “eloped”, “run…

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