The one where I’m struggling.

mumblingsontheverge's Blog

It’s not easy is it ?
To say you’re not ok.
To say you’re struggling.
It’s not easy to say that the anxiety is back.
The panic attacks.
Well , this is me saying I’m not ok.
I’m struggling.
Anxiety has a grip on me.
The panic attacks are back with a vengeance.
I’ve not slept for more than a couple of hours a night for about a month now.
The panic attacks creep up on me in the still of the night.
They frighten me.
I lay in bed and I can feel the room getting smaller and it’s hard to breathe. I have to get up , open the window , gasp for air.
Walk around the house.
Talk to the dog.
Then there’s the falling.
Laying in bed , feeling like , convinced that I’m falling , falling fast and I have to get out of bed…

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