Thoughts on Children with Autism and Their Friends: A Multidimensional Study of Friendship in High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder


This morning I started working on my Jan Plan independent study on Autism and Loneliness. As I was reading the first assigned article, I came up with the idea of creating a blog to write down my summary of and thoughts on each of the readings. So here it is, my first ever serious blog.

Even though the title of my independent study is Autism and Loneliness, I will also be exploring Friendship, a topic that is highly related to Loneliness. The first article that I am going to discuss, one by Bauminger et al. (2008), deals with such aspect in children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (HFASD). According to this article, the social relationships approach (Hinde, 1979) explains how children form relationships through sustained interactions with others. Among these interactions are interpersonal ties with peers,defined as friendship, that is characterized by companionship, intimacy, and closeness. Friendships in…

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