One family’s Christmas at the movies…and our culture?


481-EmilyColsonMax.jpgI had the honor of meeting Emily Colson at last year’s Accessibility Summit at McLean Bible Church, where she was serving as the keynote speaker.

Emily is an author, speaker, and mother to Max, her 23 year-old son with autism. She wrote an award-winning book, Dancing With Max, in which she and her father (Chuck Colson) shared the struggle and beauty of life with Max. Emily is an extraordinarily gracious and passionate advocate for families impacted by disability within both the church and the larger culture, a valued colleague, and someone with whom we hope to collaborate in the future.

I’m not often shocked by the level of depravity in our culture. I’ve treated kids who have murdered other children, kids who are adjudicated sex offenders and kids who have been victims of truly unimaginable abuse. I was shocked by the story Emily related this past…

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