The “R” Word

Nomadic Meredith

Years upon years I have struggled (& still do, mind you) with the thought of how rude people can be. How people will come up to me and ask my why my brother threw a “random” tantrum in the middle of church and go, “Oh, I get it so he can’t talk so that makes him like an alien right? He’s a retarded kid, right?” Early on I recognized that this would be a problem that I’d endure with my brother. I’ve been assured that the “r” word is not only loathed by me alone, that I am not the only sibling in the world who loathes that dreaded derogatory word. How many times I hear that word, even at church, is enough to boil me like a steaming kettle. It’s not only until recently that I’ve been finding human ignorance so fascinating. That people say things and not even know…

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