I Deserve To Go To School Too

The Story of a Unique Family

This year something unbearable happened. It’s the kind of nightmare that a parent should never have to face when trusting their child to the care of a teacher.

My son had gone from a happy child to an angry child when he began the Autism program at Kellogg Polytechnic Elementary. He began to hit aggressively and scream for every frustration. He protested his days at school by screaming when I dropped him off, and he clawed at the gate screaming to come home every day when I picked him up. Every day I spoke with his teacher about what could be affecting his behavior.

I continued to bring him, day after day, for a year. Hoping he would adjust. The problem, however, was not adjustment. The problem became clear on September 9th when he came home with scratches around his neck, bruising to his arms, and dirt all over his…

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