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Burning Apathy

This blog post is about seizures. (Sorry if the title had you expecting a motivational “carpe diem” kind of thing.) Seizures affect about 1% of the general population, but somewhere around 30% of people with autism. My son Ryan has autism and has had seizures with varying frequency for the past 30 years.

When someone talks about people “having seizures” they are typically referring to tonic-clonic seizures (aka grand mal seizures). These are seizures that effect the entire brain and involve the entire body. If you’ve never seen a tonic-clonic seizure, this video and this video are worth watching so you know what I’m talking about in this post.

Ryan began taking medication for seizures when he was four; the doctors were finally found the right mix of the right medications to almost eliminate his seizures when he was about 30. So for 26 years he dealt with frequent seizures…

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