Retreat and Recharge – why every Aspergirl needs a nest, and how lucky you should feel if she lets you into it

Naming The Stars

A while back, I took the plunge and told the guy I was dating at the time that I had Asperger Syndrome. He looked at me quizically and asked me to give him some examples of what it means and how it affects me. My explanation wasn’t the most lucid or concise one I have ever given – it was less than a week after we had first met, and it was therefore amazing that I managed to get so much as two words out, let alone string several together in a relatively coherent way. But he had already shown quite an instinctive understanding of me, and I wanted to give us a chance – hence me stepping out in the most massive gesture of trust by being open with him right from the very beginning.

I’m not quite sure how much I rambled on or exactly what I said…

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