Santa Claus is an #Aspie

Postcards from the edge of the Spectrum

This post was written by a Aspie Kid and was published Christmas 2012.

He has since withdrawn from Social Media.

A tragic loss to the Autism community and the source of continuing sadness to me.

His intellect afforded a profound and masterfully articulate rare insight into the enigma that is Autism and the autistic experience.

This is my first ever guest post, although technically it is a repost/reblog.

He was in contact with me recently and asked me to post this on my blog, as it was one of his favorites and apparently one of the most popular post he ever published.

Seasons Greetings my friend – you are still missed by so many – and the Autism Community is poorer without you.

Your friend………..

Santa Claus is an aspie.

Most people don’t know that about him, but it’s true. He is very reclusive, you know, like so many aspies…

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