An Aspie Wonders About Neural Pathways

Margaret Jean

How are neural pathways set?  And why do some take almost instantly while others never seem to take?

What makes me wonder about this is the weirdest thing.  When we first moved into this apartment, I put a large storage cabinet against the far left wall in the dining room.  The next day, a friend whose advice I greatly value told me I had to switch it with the china cabinet.

This meant moving the storage cabinet to just inside the dining area wall, right off the kitchen, while moving the china cabinet over to the left.  I moved them.  I nearly cried just thinking about it, because after two months of packing and days of unpacking, the thought of unloading and moving this big cabinet was enough to break my heart.

It was loaded with everything from two drawers of files, to blankets and towels and office supplies, all…

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