Meth or me? Am I being pushed out?

I live in a department of housing building. Basically a housing project. And it has been handed to the dopers. If you live here and you are not a druggie, you are basically seen as an enemy. Because those who traffic-make and sell drugs-have more money!! The police might as well not be in this town. I have to wonder how many meth labs might be in this building. The residents are treated like dirt. Things are stolen, our public rooms are lost, to the department of housing. Long story. It is definitely not safe here. My “advocates” are useless. Totally. There is no support. Not even from my family. And things are getting worse and worse for me. I feel like God hates me. Difficult to even care about Christmas really. Have not really decorated. I feel so hated. The entire town is going to the drugs. And quickly! And no action is taken to stop it. Speaking up against it is not popular. I’m having several meltdowns a day and there is no therapy here. None. Don’t know how long I can take this. My depression is getting bad. It feels like nobody cares. Can’t really talk to my family members. It often feels like folks would rather have the dope in this apartment than me


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