Autism Doesn’t Disappear On Holidays


The holidays are a happy family time.A time for visiting, shopping at the mall and eating treats. Perhaps not for all families. Persons with autism abhor surprises. Visits with families and friends can be a nightmare of meltdowns and unacceptable behavior.Too much stimulation at the mall; crowds of people, unexpected noises, and different smells. Autistics don’t relish treats;unpredictable textures, tastes, and flavors.

Gretchen and Sean Digiovanni have triplet boys, Sam, Paul, and Jack. Sam has autism. Gretchen is now the Director of Development at Heartspring, where many children with special needs come for treatment.She eloquently expresses the feelings of many parents:

Put yourself in the shoes of someone whose family is affected by autism. Things are challenging for them. The battle of emotions; stress, guilt, worry and mental distress can be overwhelming ad exhausting, AND the families live with this 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What if…

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