A Poem A Day

Unfair, unfathomable!

Solid reasoning thrown to the fire,

In favour of etiquette, the manners of the superior!

Surely truth is better than fake flattery, fabricated compliments-

Better words be straight than bent.

Call me hell-sent if you will,

My bluntness may be an odd divergence from the norm-

But I would rather tell the truth, be in the right-

Than tell the blind they have sight!

What is this organisation of cordialities?

So natural to the sheep , the crowd.

Not to me, their obviousness, so bewildering.

Shall I try and fit in?

Force my heart and mind into a unnatural contortion?

I would if I could-

I sometimes ponder.

But it is a impossibility, an unattainable objective…

So I stay as I am-

In this crowd of socialites, those who are energised by other people, a self perpetual cycle!

I stay as I am-

An awkward, inelegant introvert-

The outspoken…

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