Sensory Overload by Miguel Jiron

Audio + Vision: experimental intersections of visu

Created as a part of the project “Interacting with Autism”, this short uses video and audio to represent the sensory overload experienced by some people with autism.

Katie Gately, the sound designer of the film often uses diegetic sound and syncresis in together in order to give objects that appear on screen a monstrous dimension and make them intimidating or oppressive.

Although most objects on screen are linked to a sound source, most objects in the film are heard before they are seen, creating an interesting sense of confusion in the viewer. Once that the sound source is displayed (syncresis plays a crucial part in making us believe that the sounds diegetic) the sound is further obscured or complicated by different reverbs, repetitions or certain attributes that would not be encountered in daily life. The most noticeable of these is the lack of differentiation in the amplitude of each…

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