Kids who were bullied, kids who were abused meaning many kids on the autism spectrum or gender non-conforming kids and GLBT people generally are likely to have shorter lives and poorer quality of life.


When I started to pay attention to the Adverse Childhood Experiences I was frightened. As a therapist, I know the extent of abuse in the GLBT community, but specifically in the gender non-conforming community. At first it seemed like people were self medicating with food, cigarettes, sex, drugs or alcohol and that explained the ill health effects. Of course, folks would die faster and have worse health like lung disease, HIV, or diabetes. I also figured that depressed people or trauma survivors don’t protect themselves or look after themselves as well as nonabused or non traumatized folks. Traumatized kids don’t expect to grow up after all. It was pretty well known that sexually abused folks often have body issues like being overweight or anorexic or simply dissociated and not having a body at all.

Then I saw a study on COPD where they adjusted for smoking and people who scored…

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