Cold and Stimmy

The Third Glance

It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere where I live, and as it gets colder and snowier, I am reminded of an interesting conversation I had many months back with a fellow autism blogger, Bec from Snagglebox* about my response to cold. Obviously, everyone responds to cold differently, but I and another autistic woman I was talking with, both seem to have a similar response.

The thing with autistic people is that often our sensory systems are often out of whack. In my case, I don’t deal with cold very well. In fact, my body temperature is significantly lower than normal (when I’m at the doctors, which is a lot lately, they think their vitals machine is broken, because my temp is too low to register a lot of the time… makes for amusing conversations) and I’m always cold. And when I get even colder than usual, I’ve noticed that the…

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