Thoughts on Autism, From an Honest-to-God Autistic For Once

Musings of a Non-sparkly Aspergian

Unless you’re ready for six paragraphs of semi-eloquent rage, don’t read this one.

While doing research for my paper on Autism in the mainstream media, I skimmed a few articles on the Wakefield-based site ‘Age of Autism.’ I haven’t been this well and truly infuriated for months, years even.

Some slithering, sliding, two-bit snake-oil salesman has labeled me, labeled Autistics as a whole, as ‘diseased’- and not only that, his followers have reduced it from a neurological condition with many symptoms to ‘when your tummy hurts and you can’t talk.’ The kind of gutter research I’d expect from a shifty drug dealer arguing for the health benefits of Cocaine is still, fifteen years later, fueling a hideous misunderstanding of what it means to be Autistic.

This is much worse than just a few misguided people. By treating a hereditary difference in personality and thought processes as an infectious disease, these…

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