Once an Aspie, always an Aspie

Bipolar For Life

I had a very Aspie day today.

On Autistic Spectrum forums (actually the word is “fora” because “forum” is Latin and its plural is “fora” but since nobody would know what I meant I left it “forums” which is incorrect) (you see what I mean?) I rant and rave about the fact that “autistic children” grow up to be “autistic adults” but everyone associates the word “autistic” with “children.”  Admit it:  I say the word “autistic,” what’s the word association that pops into your mind?  “Child” or “children,” dollars to donuts.

Anyway of course nobody on the fora disagrees with me so I can rant all I want to.  But today, after doing something socially awkward for the 20,000th time, I realized that once an Autistic Spectrum child, always an Autistic Spectrum child.  It still hurts just as bad to be excluded from a conversation that I invited myself into…

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