10 things not to say to someone with Asperger’s


Inspired by Therese Borchard‘s piece about 10 Things Not to Say to a Depressed Person, I thought I would write my own list of things not to say to someone when they tell you they have Asperger’s Syndrome (AS).

1. I’m sorry (you have Asperger’s).
Don’t be.  I’m not.  Finding out that I had Asperger’s was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Yes, some days when I’ve particularly struggled with AS-related issues I wish I was better at certain things, but I am who I am, and I am where I am, because of Asperger’s, I wouldn’t change that for anything.

2. Can you get treated for that?
My objection to this question is the medicalisation of something I see as a difference in thinking.  I don’t subscribe to the ‘disease’ model, so I am not enamoured by the ‘treatment’ proposal.  Some aspects of my life…

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