Autism friendly screenings and cinema misadventures

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At cineworld they do autism friendly screenings on the first Sunday of every month.
They keep the lights on
Have the volume lower
Allow you to bring your own food in
And there are no adverts or trailers.

I’ve wanted to take Ollie for a while.
We enjoy watching movies together but it usually doesn’t go well at the cinema.

The trailers and adverts make the whole thing just too long for Ollie , and it’s too loud for him. He ends up agitated and asking to go home all through the movie.

There are also usually too many people for him to cope with.

Me and the kids usually smuggle some sweets and drinks in ( sorry cineworld , but who doesn’t )
Ollie hates it , he’s terrified of getting caught and he walks in looking like he’s about to plead guilty to a terrible crime.
I know…

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